This is a republish of an earlier released article (circa-2018) referenced here,

Note: ‘xxx’ referenced the ceased project which is now decentralised across the Enix Blockchain — purpose is to provide a link to the prior content at request and for academic referencing.

There is no shortage of AI related news making headlines these days, however the hype/buzz of last year is thankfully declining, with the waiting period for many a investor in equities awaiting to see the results of their investment(s), the push/buzz/hype for 2018–2019 is specific to the Internet of Things (IoT’s) — Actually a segment xxx fits…

Although there is no direct manner in which to see data from individuals bots trades, as this is shared via API from the respective exchanges to the respective bot owners in their bot UX which is client-side displayed.

There is however the ‘tweet’ process which copies information over from bot owners which have allowed the process to tweet their bots trades, this information is the trade information which automates onto twitter on completion of trades, further calculates the overall trade success/failure across the bots daily and tweets the figures.

As the bots are operated clientside and based on the bot…

Viribus was discontinued.

Frequently Asked Questions

Note this is lightly cloned from the original article with minor edits, though is not to be construed as owned nor operated by Enix.AI.

How do I use Viribus Bots?

Unlike other Arbitraging solutions out there of which many are scams/Ponzi’s, Viribus does not operate a token, nor does Viribus pool funds from a collective and trade.

Viribus operates from within the Agnes Application as a bolt-on solution, where you pay for an annual license to add-on the bot into your application in INV/ENIX, this is on top of the annual subscription for Agnes which is in INV/ENIX.

How do I start my Viribus bot?

Once your fees have been collected for first Agnes, then for Viribus, the application will become…

The following have been made available as API’s / Scripts to call on explorer and collect information for display on Enix.AI, you can also integrate/print the outcomes on your own sites/applications by utilising these scripts.

Total Supply API:

Total Blocks API:

Total TXT’s API:

Total Pending TXT’s API:

Although this information is out there already, It is being re-addressed.

At this current time, although technologies are operating, they are dumping their data/commands into the pending mining array, due to secondary functionality factoring this in, the technologies operating on Enix are still able to function, this is because the technologies pull from the Enix Blockchain ‘Transactions’, when they are unable to pull from ‘completed’ they revert to ‘pending’.

At this time you have hundreds of thousands of pending transactions…

However this does not help 3rd parties, for example, the payment systems for certain technologies operating over Enix, or within…

This article would be routinely updated based on questions popping up so as to keep a record for when those questions come up in the future.

Is Facial Recognition part of Enix?

Although technologies transferred over to Enix included ‘Facial Recognition’ technologies compiled into them, the physical Facial Recognition, Training, Data-Sets, Classification sets are not ‘readily sourceable’ but only accessible in the use of the technologies transferred.

There are a number of reasons for this, Facial Recognition in the wrong hands is dangerous, being the main one, another aspect is that the INV-to-ENIX Transferred Technologies were also compiled utilising privately…

Previously discussed is a project that is being built to operate within and over the Enix Blockchain by developers in South Africa and West Asia.

The Developers have been working on for some time, and as it stands the game operates (to my recent understanding) within the Enix Blockchain, and utilises ENIX, to operate it would require a mining pool, and miners.

As a backup, it could also utilise ETH or ETC Blockchain.

The Game itself is what is commonly referred to as a Massive Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Turn-Based Game, it is concentrated around ‘research, development, civilisation growth, economic growth…

Viribus is a ‘client-side’ trading bot solution, that operates within Agnes, and in-conjunction with Enix Blockchain.

Annual costs are paid for the service (Multi-Bot) and would require an account with a subscription for Agnes, Agnes likewise operates within Enix Blockchain for sending transactions of data projections.

The annual cost of Agnes/Viribus is unique to the account purchaser due to some account purchasers being ‘legacy’ transferred token-holders.

The payments in INV are directed to the ENS Burn Wallet, the payments for Enix are directed into mining pools, currently, there is no active mining pool, something that is making transactions sit in…

This is a rather simple question to answer due to the API facilities pre-built into the Enix Blockchain interfaces.

For example

This URL represents a contract that is pumping data into the blockchain, then transferring that data to an end-user on request.

The API would provide up to the last 10,000 Transactions, further includes all of the raw encrypted data.

As detailed, Invacio’s technologies achieved their state of decentralisation on completion of their transition onto the Enix Blockchain, a decentralised blockchain where anyone and everyone is responsible for its development and directions.

This meant that the technologies were being transitioned into the blockchain of Enix, or operating over it, as Invacio has ceased the technologies have been transitioned, in the coming weeks, will cease to operate, a redirect for the lifetime of the domain will be in place to redirect to Enix.AI.

Enix Blockchain

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