How to Interact with the Enix Blockchain with MetaMask.

MetaMask is an important web-wallet solution in the space, which people are comfortable utilising for holding their Crypto Holdings.

Enix is compatible with the MetaMask system if you follow this simple guide.

[1] Head to MetaMask website: and add the crome application to your browser as per usual.

[2] Once added and created, or logged into your MetaMask account wallet.

Click the red-highlighted area.
Select ‘Custom RPC’.

[3] This screen will load up.

In-fill with information like shown.

Network Name: Enix

Chain ID: 418

Symbol: ENIX


[4] Click Save.

You should now be able to send and receive ENIX

[5] Make sure you have a copy of your private key and seed words for the wallet…. Offline is best, in hard-copy.

If you would like to swap between networks (ETH — Enix, Enix — ETH) there is a simple process now that ENIX is added to your MetaMask Network section, simply by clicking on the appropriate.

Example click the appropriate network as shown in the image.

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